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Keep Your Home Clean With These 5 Tips

5 Tips How to Keep Your Home Clean (Between Cleaning Procedures)

Amy Clean Team

Having a tidy and clean house is something we all want. Coming home to a cosy environment is much more relaxing than opening the front door and seeing all the cleaning tasks that wait for you to do them. But having a cleaner home does not have to be connected with lots of work. We will cover some easy activities that you can turn into habits and enjoy a tidier space between your house cleaning services.

Garment Organisation

Get Your Clothes Tidied and Organised

Always sort and hang your garments after you have used them. Having piles of clothes lying around your home makes it look messy and even attracts more clutter. It always starts with your coat sitting on the couch, then suddenly, it is a whole garment mountain. The easy solution is to put everything away in the moment you don’t need it anymore: your laundry should go to it’s place, as well as your clothes once you enter your home.

Making Your Bed

Making Your Bed Improves Clean Look

This is something that many people tend to skip in their morning routine. The bed is usually the biggest item in the bedroom and it makes an instant change in the look of your room, once it is made. It does not take any more than 10 minutes each morning and what is even better is that you will come home to a nice and welcoming bedroom at the end of the day. Doing this regularly also reduces the bacteria that piles up in your sheets and mattress and will prolong the effect of your mattress cleaning procedure.

Keeping Your Countertops Clean

Declutter and Clean Your Countertops

Same as the bed in the bedroom, the countertops in your kitchen take most of the space. They usually attract a lot of clutter – dirty dishes, open snacks, food that should be put away… Keep a cloth and a spray bottle with cleaning solution somewhere easy to reach, so you can regularly wipe down the surface. Create yourself the rule of putting everything back at it’s place when you don’t need it anymore. With time, it will become easier for you to follow this rule and it will become a useful habit.

Dealing With the Dishes

Clean Up Kitchen Area by Washing Dishes

This is another semi-kitchen habit you should acquire. No matter where you eat: in your kitchen, on your sofa or on the dining table, rinsing your dirty dishes should happen right after you are done using them. It takes almost no time to do this, but at the end of the day, you won’t be left with a full sink or dishes spread across your whole home.

Putting Your Shoes Away

Keep All Your Shoes in a Designated Place

Having shoes scattered across your home is not only messy looking but can cause accidents if you trip over one. It also brings all the bacteria from outdoors right onto your carpets. Stains are not excluded too. Avoid this by creating an area where to put your shoes once you enter your home. This can be a rack or a shoe cabinet because it will not only help you with keeping the clutter from happening, but will also keep you organised. You will never have to search around for you favourite pair again!

These are our 5 tips for maintaining a clean home until your next appointed regular house cleaning services. Turning them from ideas into habits is what will bring the difference in your space!

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