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How To Clean Your Kitchen With Lemons: 5 Useful Tricks

Amy Clean Team

Is kitchen cleaning one of your least favourite weekly tasks? The strong chemical odour of the cleaning detergents repulses you? If that is your case, it is about time for you to learn how to clean with natural solutions. Today we will share with you some easy tips about cleaning with lemons! That’s right, those yellow fellas can be helpful to you in more than just your cooking. Keep reading to find out what you can clean and how to do it:

Clean Your Wooden Cutting Boards


In it’s natural habitat – a bench.

The cutting board can become really nasty and smelly after a period of time, especially if it is made from natural wood. Wood absorbs any moisture and smell, so the more you use it – the more dirty it will be. But that surely does not mean to cook less. What you can do instead is really easy: just sprinkle some coarse salt over it and give it a good scrub with half a lemon, using the inside part. The acidity in the lemon juice, together with the hard salt particles will “exfoliate” the board and rid it of any food particles and odours. Rinse and enjoy your refreshed cutting board.

Deodorise the Fridge

fridge-cleaning-removing-odourNasty smells in the fridge are a common problem to have. But dealing with this is easier than you think. All you will need is half a lemon, placed in an empty bowl. Or you can squeeze it and use only the juice and save the rest for a recipe. Put the bowl inside your fridge – that’s it! All the smells will disappear and every time you open your fridge a fresh lemon smell will welcome you. Just remember to replace this solution once a week.

Make Your Microwave Shiny Again

Old but clean and working!

Old but clean and working!

Cleaning a microwave can surely be classified as one of the most annoying cleaning tasks. Here is how to fasten this process: squeeze one lemon in a bowl, add water and drop the remaining lemon inside. Microwave this mix for 3 to 5 minutes and let your appliance cool down for 5 minutes after that. The steam from the solution should dissolve any food stains inside the microwave, making them easy to wipe away with a damp cloth. Fresh, deodorised and clean – this is what your microwave will be in the end!

A Clean Kettle – A Fresh Cup of Coffee

There are ones looking like cats. For real!

There are ones looking like cats. For real!

Using your kettle for longer without cleaning it will make your hot drinks taste different. Battle all the grime inside your kettle with – you guessed it – a lemon! Squeeze the lemon and add two parts water. Boil, rinse, then run it one more time only with clean water. So fast and easy!

Clean the Cheese Grater

Such a majestic shot of this fine grater.

Such a majestic shot of this fine grater.

Last but not least: you can clean your cheese grater with lemon, too. Cut a lemon in half and grate one of the parts from the inside and out. The lemon oil will rid you out of all the cheese pieces and add additional shine. Who said you need to destroy a sponge every time you clean your grater?

Write down those tips and put them on the fridge – you will need them eventually! Using eco-friendly cleaning solutions is not only better for the environment, but for your kitchen appliances, too! This way you will surely prolong their life. And if you do not feel like cleaning on your own this week, we understand you completely! In cases like this, you can always call a professional cleaning company and relax instead of cleaning!

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