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Common Reasons For Not Getting Your Tenancy Deposit Back

Reasons for Losing Your Tenancy Deposit

Amy Clean Team

Moving to London or around London is something that many people decide to do for various reasons: new jobs, schools for the children, universities.. the opportunities in Britain’s capital are endless. With nearly 9 million people in Greater London, constantly moving in and out, buying a property is almost always out of the picture. More than half of the population is living in rented homes and thousands of businesses use rented facilities for their activities.

Contract for Tenancy in London

Tenancy Agreement for London

With that said, getting a tenancy in London, that answers to all of your needs is not that easy. This is often connected with signing different types of tenancy contracts that most commonly include a deposit. So far, so good, but what if you decide to change your location or simply, your contract comes to it’s end? Getting your deposit back will be one of your top priorities and we understand that. This is why we collected some of the most common reasons your landlord can deny you giving you your deposit. Make sure you are not doing any of these:

  1. Any caused damage to the rented property: even with the fact that this is not your forever home, you should treat it like your own and avoid any damages. If there were any made before you move in, be sure to check them with your landlord, so they won’t be blamed on you.
  2. Any caused damage to the belongings and furniture in the tenancy: it’s the same like the previous one. Everything that was in your tenancy when you rented it should stay in it’s best shape until you leave.
  3. Not keeping a good hygiene in the rented property: we know that sometimes it is hard to keep clean with your busy schedule. Put some effort into being a clean person or book a company for regular cleaning procedures on weekly or biweekly basis.
  4. Not providing end of tenancy cleaning by a reliable cleaning provider: when you first move in, the property should be professionally cleaned and ready for you. This is what is expected when you leave, too. It is better to hire a cleaning company for this task than doing it yourself. This way you will be able to focus on your moving process and be assured that your landlord will be happy at the same time.
  5. Breaking any agreement that is written and signed in your tenancy contract: if you are not sure whether or not you are breaking any agreements in your contract, refer to it before stepping into action.
  6. Missing/untimely/partial payments of your rent: paying your rent always on time is always in your best interest.
  7. Any intervention and renovation of the property, that is done without the written approval of your landlord: even if your landlord has agreed to something, make sure you have it written (and signed) on paper.
  8. Obstructing any legal rights of your landlord to maintain or inspect the property: the tenancy contract is a two side agreement. Be sure to keep your part of the deal.

Always read your tenancy contract before signing it and don’t be ashamed to ask for explanation if there is something you do not understand. Do your best in maintaining good order and hygiene in your rented property at all times. This way you won’t have any problems with getting your deposit back!

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