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Good office cleaners! They work, they are on time and they look presentable. We've had bad experiences with cleaners before, but never with these guys.

Richmond upon Thames

After Amy Clean Team’s carpet cleaning service, my carpet changed colour. I mean that in a good way! It looks like new. The whole room smells fresh! I didn’t know it is possible to clean a carpet so quickly and efficiently. Great job!


Great post-renovation cleaners. We recommend them to all our clients.


I called these after builders cleaners when we renovated the whole building. They were done in less than a day! Fantastic work.


Booked their carpet cleaners. It was a professional service, pretty good. Ask about that protective spray, it's really good!


I didn't know what to expect, but it's like new now! The carpet cleaners cleaned years off of it. It also eases my asthma so much...


I hired through Amy Clean Team for our office. The commercial cleaners are really professional. They knew what to do right away and never bothered us needlessly. After signing a contract, we just gave them keycards and I found them easy to trust. They come in, do their job and get out.


I rely on this cleaning company for anything I need. They have never let me down so far.

Kingston upon Thames

Found a sofa by the bins. The wife did not believe we could rescue it, but I knew! I've had business with these guys more than once. The upholstery cleaning service was great!


Had a roommate move out without cleaning up the nasty mess he calls his room. I paid Amy Clean Team to do it and the room is spotless. The cleaners even refused to keep some of his stuff that I offered to them. They’re really professional.


I called the upholstery cleaners and they booked the same day. It was really great. No stains!


Thank you for the wonderful cleaning services. Time and time again I am impressed.


Your cleaners sure know how to work. You're the best London cleaning company I've yet to work with. Good job!


Amy Clean Team were great! Their cleaners were on time and did a good job. I would do business with them again!


I’ve done my own move out cleaning before, so this time I decided to try professional cleaning. I simply enjoyed the service. It didn’t cost as much as I thought it would. It was also cleaner than I would have managed and I had no problems with my landlord afterward. I’ll definitely rely on you when I need cleaning services again.


I never liked cleaning. A friend of mine used to work for them, so I booked regular office cleaners. No more cleaning for me! Anyway, great work, guys! You are just great!


After some renovation, I called Amy Clean Team. Their cleaners were on time and they were thorough. I’m satisfied with their work. They also managed to remove some plaster that was leftover from a previous renovation, so that's nice. I recommend their after builders cleaners.


I got regular home cleaning. The lady who comes to my house is nice. She’s always on time and does pretty good work. She also seems to like her job, which makes me happy. I would recommend them.


My cleaner does really good work. I don't remember how I lived before this. Everyone should get regular home cleaning!


The office cleaners are very punctual. Their cleaning is orderly. As long as this stays true, I will continue to be a customer for home cleaners


If they keep up the good work, I will never hire from another cleaning company in London. They've saved me a lot of hassle.


I got my sofas deep cleaned by Amy Clean Team. What can I say – they did a good job, it was more than affordable and it didn’t take much time. Great service overall!

Kingston upon Thames

Moving out was rough enough without even thinking about cleaning. Your move out cleaners really did a good job and probably saved me from a nervous breakdown. Everything went smoothly.

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