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Thorough Upholstery Cleaning in London by Amy Clean Team

Upholstery Cleaners in LondonDo you wonder how to clean your padded furniture covers quickly and efficiently? Let’s face it – a thorough clean-up of your sofas and cushions may take too much time and commitment. Luckily, with Amy Clean team you will have the help of sofa cleaning specialists. With us as your chosen provider of cleaning services, you will enjoy the cleanliness of your furniture and will absolutely match your requirements. Why would you spend hours of rubbing stains and washing upholstery when you can count on experienced cleaners. Get rid of this chore with just a phone call – dial 020 3868 1341 and the rest will be in the hands of your London experts.

Choosing our company as your provider of cleaning services will be the smartest decision when it comes to the good look of your furniture’s padding. You will have plenty of free time while the sofa cleaners we send do their job. They are true adepts, picked from the most experienced cleaning specialists in London. They have all passed through comprehensive training, so they have detailed knowledge about the extraction techniques required for this task. Furthermore, they are all background-checked. You don’t need to worry about accidents either – all of our cleaners have insurance against any possible property damage.


How We Proceed with Sofa Cleaning in London?

London Upholstery Cleaning ServicesWhen you book for the services of our upholstery cleaners, you will prolong the life of your favourite sofa and the adjacent upholstered furniture. You will definitely appreciate the good look of your fittings when you see them free of stains and dirt patches. Also, you will love the fresh smell in your living room after we’re done with the deep cleaning session. We guarantee the removal of all stains with the help of our hot water extraction machines. And you won’t lift a finger while our experienced technicians are operating and providing you with a clean, healthy environment.

You can sit back and relax as soon as our cleaners arrive. They will do everything with ease and bring all the equipment needed for the job. Firstly, they will observe the material of your upholstery to see if any pre-treatment is needed. Next, they will unpack the deep cleaning machine and start the main procedure. They will do it all – sofa washing, armchair cleaning, extraction of dirt stuck deep inside your cushions and whatever else is necessary for the full completion of their job. You will be amazed by the speed and the efficiency of our team.

Enjoy Unique Benefits With Our Professional Upholstery Cleaners in London

Sofa Cleaners in LondonYou will not only book highly trained armchair and couch cleaning. You can combine some of the services we offer as well. For instance, merge upholstery cleaning with carpet cleaning and/or post-construction cleaning – you will get a discount. Even more benefits await you when you book this service, just as it is with every other service that we offer. Here you can see an excerpt of the full list:

  • Affordable prices, which are final and without deposits or hidden payments;
  • Convenient schedule, allowing you to book for weekend and holiday visitations;
  • Optional Scotchgard protection for an optimal maintenance of your upholstery;
  • Deodorising of your furniture with long-lasting effect;
  • Air mover system for quick drying when you need to have everything done fast;
  • The use of cutting-edge machinery, tools and methods during all phases of the job;
  • Top-notch skills, experience and vetting of all the cleaning specialists we send;
  • Not liking the results? We will do a free reclean for you and if in case that does not meet your requirements too, we guarantee a refund.
  • No-obligation price quotes over the phone, so you can adjust your preferences;
  • Customer support ensured by our polite and knowledgeable operators;



Book Today and Enjoy the Results of Our High End Sofa Cleaning in London

The sought after result for your upholstered furniture is just a matter of calling us. So don’t hesitate – just dial 020 3868 1341 and the rest will be easy. Our team of customer representatives will help you out. They will give you all the information you need for the order. They will also let you know about all the special offers and perks that await you. With such a guarantee that all your inquiries will be answered, there is no quarter for hesitation and delaying – act now and join the ranks of our satisfied clients!